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Established in 2012, RGS strives to make quality art...

Who's that guy?


Who's that guy?

Rey Arzeno

Hi all,
So we've been a bit busy preparing for all that's coming up this Summer. Part of which is Flame Con. We were asked to contribute a pin up featuring a never before seen character. So we got the gears going and decided a mascot would be fun and can be made apropos, not only to the event but to ourselves as well.
Before showing you the final result, how a bout a peek into our process?
Starting out with a concept sketch is usually first.

Then and image is further enveloped of paper. Still big fans of traditional pencil and ink.

This is then uploaded to Photoshop, where the coloring starts. "Flats" are created first. This allows for section to be worked on independently.

Looks strange on it's own. Here it is with line art:

After that, all the rendering goes down. Shading, Highlighting and FX when needed.
Finally you have : IRA, The Red Gear Guard!

Hope you guys like him! Let us know by commenting.