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Established in 2012, RGS strives to make quality art...

One Day Our Prince Will Come.


One Day Our Prince Will Come.

Rey Arzeno

Prince Jean-Paul and Prince Kyle's wedding.  By: Rey Arzeno

What are the chances that we'll ever get an animated same-sex fairy tale wedding? 
Northstar fan-fic writer extraordinaire, Suzene Campos, isn't interested in waiting, so she wrote one of her own. I was honored when she asked me to depict a glimpse of that sweet prospect with a “Disneyfied” version of Jean-Paul and Kyle’s wedding, based on her work. Although the request only specified the two Princes, after reading Suzene's story, I couldn’t help but to include twin sister, Jeanne-Marie and some of their adorable pet sidekicks.

Of course, I couldn’t stop there. You’ll notice that someone else has made a guest appearance…


Ain’t no secret, Sugah’... There is much Anna Marie lovin’ ‘round these here parts.

It may seem random to include her in this piece, but there’s a particular reason that her presence here is a no-brainer for me.

Back in 1985, Marvel published a two-issue limited series called X-Men and Alpha Flight, in which the two teams engaged in an adventure.

The interaction between Northstar and Rogue struck a tender chord in 10 year old me. Back then, I was too young to pick up on any of the gay innuendo the writers and artists were waving in my face. All I knew was that I really liked the camaraderie that blossomed between the two and wanted to see more of that. I fell hard for a very sweet friendship--one I thought had been cemented.

When Northstar finally did come out, it made those few pages mean so much more to me!

Alas, Marvel has since neglected their connection into non-existence. Even though JP has been with the X-Men since 2001, they rarely appear together. *heartbreaking*

Still, I remember.

And, as far as I'm concerned, she'll always be the Man-At-Arms to his He-Man.