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Established in 2012, RGS strives to make quality art...

Thunder League


Thunder League

Rey Arzeno

With the new Justice league movie, coming to theaters soon, there is no shortage of media presence for the members of the League. Thanks to Hollywood and TV; Batman, Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman are household names. Soon enough Aquaman, Mera and Cyborg will be also. All this *Superhero Team spirit* in the air got us to reminiscing about the awesome squads of our youth. Specifically the Thundercats.
Some of you might not be familiar with these fantastic felines from the 80's, but us "wiser" kids are still fans today. The Thundercats were rebooted in 2011 by cartoon network, and while it was handled very well, it didn't match the popularity of the original series.
Paying them a little homage, Rage Gear Style, felt like the thing to do. Time for a new mash-up!

Here's a little refresher, in case needed.

The Justice League has had many more members and need less of an introduction.
Here's a logo and team shot.

All right all, now that you're caught up on the ingredients, here's the main course!